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Insulation board thin plastering exterior insulation system

by:MPS     2020-08-15
< P> insulation board and thin plastering exterior insulation system consists of exterior wall thermal insulation systems and extruded plate polystyrene board exterior insulation system. The system for plastic polystyrene foamed plastic board ( XPS board) Or polystyrene vaguely foam plastic board ( ESP plate) As the thermal insulation layer, using international advanced technology, production of premixed one-component dry mortar for bonding agent and to anchor the firmware and wall body is fixed at the grassroots level on external surface of the insulation board with polymer anti-crack mortar, and resistance to see alkali grid cloth or galvanized steel wire net form a protective layer. Significantly improve the material adhesion, flexibility, crack resistance, the construction and hydrophobic, avoids the effective ingredients of the shadow of quality is not stable due to human factors, and make it more surrounded. The system has the following features: 1. Accuracy ratio, construction is convenient, dry mortar production control in the factory, not affected by the influence of site construction, thus to ensure quality system as a whole. 2. Mechanical MaoGu combined with a paste of fixed method, make the system more safe and reliable. 3. Complete detail node, guarantee system perfect. Paste mortar: for insulation board. Insulation board: extruded polystyrene foamed plastic board ( The XPS board) Polystyrene foamed plastic board (or The ESP plate) 。 Polymer plaster mucilage: used for eps panel paste mesh cloth ( Or hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh) 。 Wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh. Accessories: including sealant, sealing strip, cover cooked, anchor bolt, etc. < / P>
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