How to welding heat preservation nail

by:MPS     2020-10-26

construction steel structure, the heat preservation nail welding is the part that nots allow to ignore. How should be fixed stud welding? To answer for you.

heat preservation nail before welding, workers should be prepared to meet the engineering standards and specifications of the heat preservation nail, and according to the drawings in construction steel structure welding, can't leave out any welding point. Clear case board even before welding welds paint, dirt, burr, etc, to ensure the welding place clean.

the official start of the heat preservation nail welding, stainless steel nails, electrode for bits of 2. 5; Welding current is 60 - 70 a, adopt dc reverse; During the welding process, workers can't change the current size, prevent the splash, the current change of porosity and weld bite edge, insulation nails burn out, lack of penetration, incomplete fusion, slag inclusion and other defects.

, when welding the note on the arc of groove, prohibited in the arc welding parts, to avoid the case board surface scratch defects such as electric arc. After soldering, the splash of seasonable cleared surface, pay attention to the inspection on the surface, to ensure that no defects such as cracks, porosity, slag inclusion and sag.

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