How to solve the problem of heat preservation nail prone to fracture in winter

by:MPS     2020-11-12

in a lot of building exterior wall thermal insulation system, insulation nails are not lack of fixed material, but we found that, in the cold winter, the nails, easy to fracture, this is how to return a responsibility? Should be how to solve this problem?

want to solve the problem of heat preservation nail in the winter break, the first thing we should understand the reasons for this problem. After a long trial study found that the winter low temperature is a major cause of lead to nail fracture, under low temperature condition, the performance of the nail is affected, thus appear rupture. Manufacturer in the face of such situation, found that from the perspective of temperature is more difficult, because we cannot control the temperature of the winter, it requires from the aspects of production materials, manufacturers in the production of nails when joined the flexibilizer, so you can guarantee in low temperature conditions can play its normal performance, the nails won't appear easily broken problem.

the relevant improvements, we produce heat preservation nail product performance and quality are improved, also more and more popular.

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a: understand which should be paid attention to using thermal insulation nails erroneous zone in the next article: practical heat preservation nail of choose and buy, please visit the HeJian

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