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How to distinguish the quality of nylon rods

by:MPS     2020-10-01

in the industrial field of friends should know nylon rods, nylon rods is only popular in recent years, is primarily used in industry, used for processing various wear-resistant high strength parts. Because nylon rods use is very wide, and basically are useful to the industry, many manufacturers have started to produce nylon rods, however because of the work is not the same, the quality of the nylon rods appeared on the market is also have good and bad, so, how to distinguish the stand or fall of the quality of the nylon rods? Nylon rods to science for you.

to nylon rod quality have to be careful to distinguish from the appearance of the nylon rods color, water imbibition, various strength, transparency and so on many aspects to distinguish. The appearance of the nylon rods for the milky white to pale yellow, not including mechanical impurities and surface moisture uniform particles, particle size greater than 40 grain/g granules contain no greater than 2%, with small black spots is characterized by ductile, seismic, has high mechanical strength and heat resistance, impact strength is good, high melting point, processing performance is good, big water imbibition, saturated water absorption rate at about 11%, fusible in sulfuric acid phenol or formic acid, low temperature embrittlement temperature is 20 degrees below zero - 30 degrees.

nylon rods with good tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, surface hardness, such as performance, high light transmittance, similar to optical glass, processing temperature is 300 - - - - - - - 315 ℃, molding processing, the need to strictly control the barrel temperature, melt temperature is too high will be caused by the degradation products, the low temperature will be because of the transparency of adverse effects and plasticizing products. Mold temperature to get lower, high mold temperature will reduce the transparency of products by crystallization.

we are a professional manufacturer of nylon rods, nylon rods have many years of production experience, the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises of raw materials, in strict accordance with the production technology, detection means complete, ensure the quality of the products, manufacturers supply directly, without intermediate links, a greater benefit to the customer. Satisfactory quality, satisfied with the price.

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