How to choose the heat preservation nail manufacturers

by:MPS     2020-09-29

which bar for quality and cheap economic material benefit?

HeJian heat preservation nail factory specializing in the production of various kinds of thermal insulation nails, has many years of production experience, the company's products by the state authority appraisal, achieves the building inspection standard for many years by the national ministry of construction to promote and get around the user consistent high praise, are exported to all over the country. Order to welcome users throughout the country!

outer wall heat preservation nail offer different

a lot of customers come to visit our factory and ask the price will be such a problem is, why the dealer price in the same way as you sometimes also will be cheaper than the price in your factory?

the things we make a brief introduction of it. Take our production blue 8 * 102 of exterior wall thermal insulation nails, for example. The amount of packaging it is 2500 ( Shell) Iron nails, 1000, the lowest price of our foreign sales is 5. Eight points/sets.

however, dealers over there if the price is lower than that of our time. You might as well go to their side to check the actual amount of packaging it later will be able to know why the dealer price as our manufacturer or cheap.

we as a professional manufacturer of commitment to customers. To ensure the quality of exterior wall thermal insulation nails are our. And the price is absolutely reasonable. You get what you pay for.

the good sales widely used plastic heat preservation nail what are the specifications?

about plastic heat preservation nail really is a variety of specifications. However, the current domestic construction site has indoor decoration of wall thermal insulation engineering general need the specifications of the following:

this several common specifications, as if at the time of wall and window needs to be done need: * 180, 200, 10 * 10 * 10, 10, 250 * 300, 350, 10 * 10 * 400, 450, 10 * 10 * 500 and other specifications of the products. ( They are in MM) 。

how is the quality of the plastic heat preservation nail divided? The quality of the plastic heat preservation nail is according to the raw materials used to differentiate. General quality of the worst is to use a reworked material production, the use of intermediate quality engineering polypropylene material production, good quality used engineering polythene ( The original package material) To production.

above the general market commonly used specifications is * 62-8 - - - - - - 8 * 142 the several kinds of specifications, color can be divided into white, blue and gray, special color can be customized. If you have demand please contact us at https://www. 国会议员, insulationpins。 Com /

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