How to better highlight the role of heat preservation nail

by:MPS     2020-07-03

bar is widely used nowadays, some of which will inevitably have inferior insulation hook nail products, it is because of some small retailers take a fancy to this interest, produce inferior product shoddy. Insulation nails are widely used in building decoration of wall BaoWenWu anchorage, it has a good anti-aging, temperature shock resistance, anti-corrosion, connotation of heat-resisting, high bearing capacity, high pressure, tensile performance is good, not easy to deformation after loading, moisture, shock, good insulation performance, etc. Easy and convenient to install, does not require any special installation tool, durable, high efficiency and energy saving. Heat preservation nail is mainly used for fixation of exterior wall thermal insulation material, widely used in construction, according to the thickness of the insulation layer as a basis for when you choose. It can anti-aging, protect thermal insulation building materials for a long time to serve you. The characteristics of simple installation, which occupy a larger market. Nail has excellent thermal insulation properties, but its structure is relatively simple consists of three parts: one is use nylon sleeve, nylon heat transfer performance is low, there won't be cold bridge in winter, the better for energy saving. Second, casing use galvanized steel screw, with good corrosion resistance, also not easy to produce deformation after loading. 3 it is nylon disc for gland insulation board, the three part of the effective combination, can carry on the exterior wall stable fixation. Exterior wall thermal insulation system you have to consider the wind load and negative pressure, the damage is great, in order to guarantee the security of the system, please choose the high quality of thermal insulation nails for reinforcement.

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