How to achieve heat preservation nail use best

by:MPS     2020-10-26

heat preservation nail is mainly to have the fixed effect in the thermal insulation system, so the quality of heat preservation nail is very demanding. Electroplating can make heat preservation nail anticorrosive wear-resisting, growth in life, when the plating coating metal is not uniformly deposited on heat preservation nail peripheral edge, corner to get thicker coating.

bar threaded portion, the thickest deposit is located in the top thread, along the thread profile gradually thinning, the most thin, the sedimentation of the tooth to ascend and the opposite of hot dip galvanized, thicker coating deposition, corner and the bottom of the thread, the mechanical plating coating metal deposition tendency of the same as the hot dip plating, but more smooth and thickness is much more evenly across the surface.

the last heat preservation nail is in the process of machining and processing, especially in the acid and alkaline cleaning before plating and subsequent electroplating process, the surface absorbed hydrogen, deposition of metal coating and then capture hydrogen. Can prevent damage of heat preservation nail premature, and partial burning, rough, dark, peeling, the condition of crust and obvious stripes, a pinhole pitting, black plated slag, passivation membrane loose, crack, fall off, and serious passivation.

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