How the anchor bolt embedment for good?

by:MPS     2020-07-27
Foundation reinforcement started construction, foundation bolt embedment work should be started at the same time, the penetration. Before embedding anchor bolt application line out the corresponding longitudinal, horizontal axis, based on steel and steel let out the location of the anchor bolt in each group. Buried land bolt, anchor bolt first sets of plate based on steel flat on the corresponding position, hammer thread measurement calibration longitudinal, horizontal axis line and the board of longitudinal and transverse axis, along the boards around make a mark on the bar. Will anchor bolt screw bottom-up across the boards, corresponding nut screwed on the screw, through the elastic nut, adjust the top elevation of anchor bolt, bolt top elevation measured with level control, until the drawing requirements conform. In the process of construction, with a spirit level testing set of plate and screw, make the plate in the level state, the screw in the vertical state. Set of plate and screw in place, must use theodolite for review. Will transit at the axis control points to the need to review the anchor bolt, the eyepiece aimed at far end of the axis of the other control point, determine crosshair center in the eyepiece, as the location of axis, and then check in the axis of each group of anchor bolt and axis location relations are accurate, and correct results. Note that transit review must be vertical, horizontal two direction, avoid by all means review only one direction while ignoring the other direction.
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