How special wall thermal insulation material classification of nail

by:MPS     2020-09-05
Special wall thermal insulation material classification of nail what is the special wall thermal insulation nails, also known as the plastic rock wool insulation heat preservation nail and nail, auxiliary material of exterior wall thermal insulation board is fixed, its effect is better the insulation board and wall body together. During the construction of exterior wall thermal insulation of external wall insulation board and its important role, heat preservation nail can make insulation board firmly attached on the wall, don't fall off and drop down. Below we specific to introduce the material of it. 1, PP material: PP material also known as polypropylene, the polymer is propylene addition polymerization. Is white waxy material, transparent appearance and light. Flammable, melting point 165 ℃, using temperature range for - 30 - 140℃。 Under 80 ℃ to acid, alkali, salt solution and many kinds of organic solvent corrosion, can decompose under high temperature and oxidation. Polypropylene is one of the important general-purpose plastic, both in terms of the number, or from the application on the breadth and depth has been developing rapidly. PP material of insulation nails because of its hardness. Cold resistance, are widely used in thermal insulation construction of north. 2, PE material: PE material, also known as polyethylene, ethylene is the aggregation of a thermoplastic resin. In industry, including ethylene and a small amount of olefin copolymer. Polyethylene odourless, non-toxic, feel like wax, has good low temperature resistance, good chemical stability, PE material because it has good flexibility and high temperature resistance, is often used in exterior wall thermal insulation construction of the south.

the above content is our nail introduce you the special wall thermal insulation material of knowledge, its material is qualitative different, but has very excellent performance, application scope is more extensive. We can according to actual needs to choose suitable material heat preservation nail.

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