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How much is the heat preservation nail fixed amount per square metre

by:MPS     2020-10-08

thermal insulation engineering construction need heat preservation nail and fixed effect, such as special adhesive, the amount of heat preservation nail is calculated according to square meters, heat preservation nail fixed amount per square meter?

although there were significant differences in thermal insulation engineering, but the amount of heat preservation nail is basically fixed, probably need to use 9 - per square metre Around 12 heat preservation nail, both to ensure heat preservation material can be firmly fixed on the wall, and don't have to worry about using too much will be a drop in the heat preservation effect, and so on and so forth. Construction, workers should be properly applied heat preservation nail, ensure that every single fixed pin, installation is firm, cannot appear slack, and so on and so forth.

exterior insulation system heat preservation nail installation number; 1 - 10 layer average 6 / ㎡, 11 - Average 20 layer 7 / ㎡, 21 - 26 layer 9 / ㎡. Any area is greater than zero. 1 ㎡ single block must pull with insulation nails, the number depending on the shape and site condition; In Yang Angle, under the eaves, around the edge of the hole, should increase the density of heat preservation nail, the distance is not more than 300 ㎜, is apart from the edge at the grass-roots level is not less than 60 mm.

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