How much is the bearing capacity of a single bar

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outer wall heat preservation nail is indispensable to modern building external wall insulation system builds fixed, connection, supporting materials, it how to construction and layout, the application effect is good?

a, on the basis of JG158 - Exterior insulation standards, JG149-2004 2003 'eps thin plastering exterior insulation system' standards:

1, a single external wall thermal insulation nails by residual 0 or higher. 3KN ;

2 0, anchor pipe diameter. 7 - 0. 8;

3, coefficient of thermal conductivity & lt; 0. 06;

4, anchor nail outside dish 50 mm;

2, exterior wall thermal insulation nails and nail wall anchorage, exterior wall anchoring bolt, etc. Outer wall heat preservation nail of exterior wall thermal insulation system is mainly used for the insulation board is fixed, plastic expansion insulation nails, divided into a variety of specifications, according to the thermal insulation layer of thick, widely used in architectural decoration. Widely used in thermal insulation on the insulation of the building.

three nail, heat preservation of exterior wall thermal insulation special is the anchor, the galvanized screws, nylon tube rises and the fixed wafers. Depending on the insulation layer thickness, cent is a variety of specifications. Widely used in architectural decoration.

some friends think that heat preservation nail is fixed and heat preservation effect, do not need to have too many requirements on color, in fact, this idea is wrong. With the improvement of living standard, people to the requirement of heat preservation with removal of quality of the project, the color of the bar is one of them. Heat preservation nail manufacturers supply a variety of colors such as red, white, gray, blue insulation nails, can be used in a variety of styles of decoration projects, meet the requirements of different friends, also can promote the friends for heat preservation nail overall impression of the products. Heat preservation heat preservation nail nail manufacturers quality excellent price concessions

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