How much do you know how to differentiate between nylon rods,?

by:MPS     2020-09-30

nylon rods: and the nylon quality difference between appearance for white to light yellow, not including mechanical impurities and surface water of uniform particles, granularity is more than 40 grain/g particles with small black spots contain no more than 2%, is characterized by ductile, high mechanical strength and heat resistance, better resistance to impact strength, high melting point, processing performance good water imbibition, saturated water sucking rate at about 11%, easy to melt in meiyukou sulfuric acid phenol class or carboxylic acid in 30 degrees temperature, low temperature brittleness.

is the biggest characteristic of nylon abrasion resistance and self-lubricating performance is good, its oil-free lubrication friction absorption of 0. 1 - 0. 3, which is about one-third of alloy, for about a quarter of the phenolic resin, tensile strength, good chemical resistance, density in 1. 05 - 1. 14 grams/cubic centimeter, is a good material of plastic instead of steel. Appearance white translucent particles, because of its excellent performance, widely used in chemical industry, machinery, hardware, textile, electrical, shipbuilding, automobile industry, make, turbine gear, bearing, coupling, seal, village set of wear parts, etc. Nylon gathered many excellent performance and integration, so the price is quite expensive, is higher than general general plastics and engineering plastics. Common nylon rod on the market at present is mainly out of nylon 6 bar, casting nylon rod, also have a lot of polypropylene, polyethylene color fake nylon rod, this fake nylon rod because of its low price misleading to consumers. Nylon rod can be divided into extrusion nylon rods and casting nylon rods, MC nylon rods) 。 Extrusion nylon rod is nylon slice in the plastic extruder by plasticizing, melt extrusion molding, extrusion nylon rods used nylon material with nylon 6,66,1010 slice.

nylon rod has good toughness and wear resistance to strong resistance, oil resistance, seismic fortification, tensile, bending strength, and there is a small water imbibition, good dimensional stability characteristics, to deal with all kinds of high strength wear-resistant parts. Our products are widely used, it is plastic and steel, iron, copper and other metal materials, and is an important engineering plastic casting nylon wide rather than the wear parts of machinery and equipment, rather than copper and the alloy as the equipment wear and tear. Suitable for making wear parts, transmission parts, home appliance parts, auto parts, screws to prevent mechanical parts, chemical machinery spare parts, chemical equipment. Such as turbines, gears, bearings, instrument panel, shaft, impeller, a crank, blade and screw, pressure valves, gaskets, bolts, nuts, seals, space shuttle, and sleeve, sleeve connector.

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