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How many production lines does Melparts run?
The number of production lines allows Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.expanding our ability to develop new markets and generate the required production capacity. Our factory has introduced the international leading, domestic first-class standardized production line. In addition to an effective production line, we have gathered experienced and highly qualified technical backbones and management talents.

Melparts Hardware represents renowned wing seal brands in the country. insulation pin produced by Melparts Hardware is very popular in the market. In the selection of raw materials, MPS stainless steel wing seal is paid 100% attention. Our quality team adopts the highest standard for the selection of raw materials and thus ensures the high quality of the product. The quality of the product is up to the highest industry standards. The product is provided at Ex-works which can greatly save the cost.

Melparts Hardware upholds the culture that puts people first. Get info!
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