How is polyurethane waterproof coating construction

by:MPS     2020-08-02
< P> now waterproof construction is a problem around everyone was confused, at the end of coating adhesive, coating, waterproof coating. ( 1) The first time according to the requirements to pu first division points with group b according to 1:1. 5 ( Mass ratio) Mixed with gold, rotational speed, 100 ~ 500) R/min electric blender mixing more than 5 minutes until even, in a timely manner to coating, coating within 4 hours to complete, in order to prevent the curing cannot use before coating. General use plastic or rubber scraper uniform coating, bao hou uniform, dosage of 1. About 5 kg/m2. Should consider a coating sequence and construction of the retreat. < / P> < P> ( 2) Coating curing after 24 hours, the first time in the coating again the second time, the method is the same as the first time, the direction of blade coating must be perpendicular to the first time, to ensure the quality of waterproof engineering. Recoat interval time, by the construction of environment temperature and coating curing degree, the general will be subject to feel is not sticky, not less than 24 hours, unfavorable also more than 72 hours. Dosage is 1. 0 kg/m2 or so, the total thickness of coating is 1. About 5 mm. < / P> < P> ( 3) Dilute debris. In order to increase the waterproof coating, ceramic tile and Mosaic square brick or cement bonding capacity between the cement mortar, the second time, the coating has cured at its surface loose clean stone slag is about 2 mm in diameter. These stone slag in the coating after curing, can be firmly bonded on the coating surface. < / P> < P> ( 4) The shop is stuck protective layer. Film DangTu completely cured, the shop is stuck layer construction, the construction method and the traditional square brick or cement paste Mosaic, ceramic tile in the same way. < / P> < P> < / P>
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