How in at a lower temperature to ensure the quality of heat preservation nail and performance

by:MPS     2020-07-03

in thermal insulation construction of friends all know, is one of the difficulties in winter construction insulation nails prone to rupture, this is mainly because low temperature in winter, hard to ensure the quality and performance of nail. So, in the case of low temperature, how can we ensure that the quality of the nails and performance?

if you want to ensure that the quality of the heat preservation nail and performance, the most fundamental way is to start from the raw materials. Manufacturers when choosing raw material, try to choose high quality materials, so as to fundamentally guarantee the quality of the nails, and performance. There is to discover other materials suitable for the production of thermal insulation with nails, simply use a material to make nails, lead to narrow, many other materials test, there may be found.

second, under the condition of low temperature, storage heat preservation nail have some technical content. Warehouse temperature not too low, best can slightly higher than the outdoor temperature, so that when applied to outdoor don't affected by low temperature. Manufacturers also notice warehouse in moisture and moisture, avoid too humid influence the performance of the nail.

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