How about the quality of heat preservation nail care

by:MPS     2020-10-28

as the national vigorously promote energy-saving environmental protection concept in recent years, the domestic construction each year in use is the largest energy consumption in the heating and cooling, compared with similar climate conditions of developed countries, our country building heating energy consumption of every square metre is three times more than the developed countries. So with the development of the insulation decorative have formed an important part of building energy efficiency.

heat preservation nail experienced within the exterior wall insulation, insulation layer and the development of external wall thermal insulation. Currently widespread adoption of exterior insulation technology is relatively good wall thermal insulation technology, but because of the heat preservation nail industry development of our country is not yet mature, cannot completely meet the requirements of green energy-saving buildings and the social sustainable development, thus developing high technical content of products is imperative.

heat preservation nail is the anchoring of exterior wall thermal insulation is special, the galvanized screws, nylon tube expanding and fixed wafers. On the basis of insulation layer thickness is different, divided into multiple standards. Widely used in building decoration.

our factory production of thermal insulation nails is widely used in the insulation layer of the house. Has anti-aging, temperature resistant mutation, anti-corrosion, cold heat; High bearing capacity, high pressure, good tensile functions; After loading is not easy to deformation, moisture, vibration, absorb noise and outstanding features such as insulation. Heat preservation nail device is concise, hammer can, do not need special device. Galvanized, screws with excellent the corrosion question, good durability, and nylon material heat transfer function is low, the winter is not cold bridge, high efficiency and energy saving.

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