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How about the quality management implemented in MPS Hardware?
At Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., a complete and robust quality management system is implemented in-house to ensure our products are in compliance with the standards. It begins with when we purchase the raw materials. Our QC teams have extensive expertise and experience to effectively put the quality management system into good practices throughout the whole production. They proactively respond to the continuously evolving international quality standards and regulations and focus on continuous improvement and regulatory performance. Our quality management system not invariable but evolving with time.

Since inception, MPS Hardware has developed dependable self tapping metal screws. Over the years, we have been engaged in production and distribution. MPS Hardware focuses on providing a variety of self locking washers for customers. The shape and form of this garment can emphasize specific areas of the body while downplaying other less desirable areas. The product is of the highest level of stability, reaching the international standard. Due to the wide sales network of MPS, the insulation screws has gained its popularity all over the world. It only requires easy installation and simple operation.

Silica fabrics is our aim. Get info!
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