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High strength bolt main relationship between friction surface slip resistance coefficient and the steel grade is?

by:MPS     2020-07-25
High strength bolt connection with the size of the coefficient of friction surface slip resistance component interface treatment method and the component of steel grade. Tests show that the coefficient values are connected component interface between compaction force decreases and reduce the phenomenon, reason and friction coefficient has differences in physics. Our specification recommends the contact surface treatment: sand blasting, sand blasting, inorganic zinc-rich paint after sandblasting epigenetic red rust or steel wire brush to eliminate floating rust or to the clean surface of rolling process, etc. , all kinds of processing method corresponding mu value as shown in the table 3. 6. 3 and 3. 6. 4. Table 3. 6. 3 the friction surface slip resistance coefficient mu value of 740) 这一点。 Width = 740 'border = undefined> because of the cold bending thin-wall steel component partition is thinner, the resistance to sliding coefficient lower than ordinary steel structure. Steel surface after sand blasting derusting, the surface smooth level off, the metal surface is actually a microscopic uneven, high strength bolt connection under high pressure force, the connected component surface mesh each other, the higher the strength and hardness of steel, to make the meshing surface of sliding force is big, therefore, mu value related to the grade of steel. The experiment proved that the friction surface besmear after the red lead mu < 0. 15, even after treatment is still very low, so it is strictly prohibited in the friction surface besmear to brush red lead. In addition, the connection under the condition of damp or get wet in the rain to assemble, also can reduce the mu values, therefore, effective measures should be taken to ensure that the joint surface drying.
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