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High-rise building exterior insulation outside surface of the material selection

by:MPS     2020-08-10
< P> at present, the decorated on the exterior insulation layer on the choice of material coating, really stone paint, ceramic tile, marble, granite, metal, glass curtain wall, the color decoration mortar, flexible tile, etc. The marble, metal, glass curtain wall materials such as the installation process is complicated, and expensive, most used in large public buildings or class to demand higher commercial buildings. For residential construction, the choice of outer surface decoration materials, coatings, really stone paint, ceramic tile general, markets are large. In recent years, the color decoration mortar, flexible tile is especially popular with the market as emerging facing material, finish, and the present instead of traditional ceramic tile decoration trend. From previous engineering experience, high-rise building exterior insulation finishing technology is worth a problem building the parties seriously. Paint facing technical analysis < / P> < P> for high-rise buildings, based on security considerations, elastic coating is the most common choice. However, because the market promote the use of many cheap paint shortcomings such as poor fouling resistance, durability is not enough, it is difficult to satisfy developers and owners. In addition, for some such of heavy, really stone paint coating of many quality common failing, also makes the developers and owners. Construction using dots often appear when take cannot locate, easy appear flowing down the walls and dripping phenomenon, make take into a thin, flat, not raised strip spend. Also because construction reasons appear color dot sizes, uneven distribution uneven, flower color, local powder rub off and cover face after he returned to the white. Use really stone paint finishes, because really stone paint USES natural colored sand, more color has good durability, used for external wall thermal insulation and surface decoration, its water repellency and the inherent defects of poor permeability often makes water vapor diffusion is blocked for exterior insulation system, easy to make the outside facing appear crack, impact on the performance of exterior insulation system itself, plus the back glue due to the high temperature, self-cleaning ability is poor, buildings smudgy, efflorescence, under the influence of water eyesore. For the shape of sand wall paint, etc of heavy coating outside facing, in addition to the above problems, because in the practical engineering application, outside facing often USES the rendering process or imitation brick, to a large extent depends on the plaster workers operating technology, often appear with mark in metope, flatness is not good, poor visual appearance. Based on the above situation, although the elastic coating is the ideal material of facing of exterior insulation, but due to its poor weatherability, considering the quality common fault and built-in exterior insulation materials will increase coating decorative surface damage, these products are generally used only for ordinary, outside the structure with not high quality finish. < / P> < P> porcelain brick facing technical analysis < / P> < P> on the exterior insulation adopts the technology of the porcelain brick veneer, theoretical and practical circles have been controversial. Although the national and local related standard and atlas instructions are included in the technical specifications, but in practice or a wary attitude developers and users. Compiled by the relevant specification in recent years, more directly to write stickup ceramic tile process into thin plastering exterior insulation system of atlas or standard, and began to popularization and application in practical engineering. From project management practice of the author for many years in the building and the external wall thermal insulation quality inspections and pays a return visit, outside the exterior insulation system facing directly stickup ceramic tile is quite unstable, there are several significant potential quality: one is from the overall look, when decorated on the exterior insulation layer using porcelain brick, act the role of surface layer and protective layer and the base is rigid, flexible base, rigid surface on the surface, the relative at the grass-roots level, the strength of the protective layer itself is low, rigid surface, flexible base, rigid surface using the linear expansion coefficient of material is different, very bad for brick, heat bilges cold shrink can cause ceramic tile fall off again and again.
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