High-rise building exterior insulation outside surface of the material selection

by:MPS     2020-07-25
The second is using ceramic brick veneer will significantly increases the weight of exterior insulation system, some 50 kg - can be achieved 80 kg / ㎡, such heavy outside are attached to the wall surface decoration materials, especially in a certain air pressure under the action of impact on the safety of the whole system. 3 it is through the experimental analysis, the use of ceramic tile decorative surface permeability is far worse than paint finishes, the surface will be cut off after the wall tile adhesive plaster slurry produced by hydration of cement in the calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate 'formed by the carbon dioxide in the air, thus make plaster mucilage layer in high alkaline environment condition for a long time. Second ceramic tile of water vapor through the resistance is much bigger than coating finish, make plaster mucilage cover too much water is difficult to rapid evaporation remain moist for a long time, so that cement ceramic tile adhesives and adhesive plaster slurry alkali in after a long time to the accumulation of moisture and galvanized steel wire net surface of the zinc is easy to produce electrochemical reaction, thus corrosion of galvanized steel wire net, directly affect the safety of the external wall thermal insulation system. Again, because ceramic tile is easy to make protective layer in the wet state, in the winter cold on freeze-thaw damage of exterior insulation system will become more serious, direct external wall external thermal insulation system and its ACTS the role of the surface to produce greater security hidden danger. < / P> < P> the color decoration mortar and flexible tile facing technical analysis < / P> < P> color decoration mortar and flexible facing mortar is decorated building materials in recent years the development of new products. From material properties, the color decoration mortar and flexible tile can be classified into a kind of product, but the former adopts the spraying process, which is forming in the factory on the basis of using the paste process. These two kinds of material have qualitative light, Self-respect is 4 kg - after molding metope 6kg/m2) , good flexible, waterproof good permeability, the construction strong adaptability, good self-cleaning, wide applicable scope, etc. It is worth mentioning that the color decoration mortar and flexible tile is a natural inorganic mineral filler, do not need to add any paste, never fade, under the environment of high temperature, high humidity is not going to happen to return white, back glue phenomenon, good weatherability, theory of use fixed number of year can reach more than 50 years. Look from the engineering practice, using the color decoration mortar and flexible tile as the exterior insulation system of external facing material, should pay special attention to several problems: one is to use the color decoration mortar spraying process, metope, affected by the factors of construction, exterior trim surface are relatively rough, should be reasonable arrangement of the whole project construction order, prevent subsequent engineering damages to the color decoration mortar and pollution. Secondly, using the flexible tile paste, blot out the flexible tile adhesive area shoulds not be too large, prevent cement crust, cause bond mortar for flexible tile decorative surface pollution. Three is due to the color decoration mortar and the glass transition temperature of flexible tile material is about 5 ℃, the construction of the working environment temperature must be controlled in more than 5 ℃, otherwise easy to appear all sorts of quality problems. Four is encounter level 4 and above the bad climate environment, such as wind or rain, unfavorable for exterior insulation system construction. < / P>
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