High density polyurethane composite pillow how to identify

by:MPS     2020-07-25
< P> high density polyether type of polyurethane composite ( tempur) By NASA to dissolve the astronaut the pressure on research and development, then gradually used in the medical, civil products, especially this kind of material made of pillow, with viscoelastic properties, can change the position of head and neck, automatic deformation occurs, keep closely integrated with the neck position, especially to fixed head, don't let the head down 'neck stiffness'. < / P> < P> now can find all kinds of polyurethane materials production pillow on the market, prices also vary widely, many consumers complain that pillow does not rebound after buy, in your hands without feeling, as the weather temperature change pillow became hard or too soft, etc. In fact, the high-grade material memory foam pillow, on the use of raw materials, production process and formula are also a lot of general manufacturers' link. < / P> < P> can be identified from the following several aspects of high-grade slow rebound material: < / P> < P> density < / P> < P> density basic measure of high-end memory foam material, generally at least also want to more than 80 density, but the index of which is the most easy to do, even the same density of product will difference is very big, is mainly caused by different formula, process and raw material, that is to say, high-grade slow rebound material must be of high density, but only the high density is not necessarily the high-grade material; < / P> < P> rebound time < / P> < P> many consumers think that the longer the springback is, the more good, this is a myth. Good time is 3 - the springback - - - - - - 5 seconds. Is too short not slow rebound effect; Too long can make the body stiff, Imagine if you turn over, the along while also didn't rebound it up; Manufacturing process < / P> < P> < / P> < P> slow rebound of the manufacturing process has two kinds: cutting and molding. Cutting is purchased product slow rebound sponge, cut to look like a pillow; Is using die by foam molding, made of pumping air into vacuum state, and a series of process, complicated a lot. Density, feel, are related to the life; < / P> < P> touch and temperature sensing < / P> < P> high-grade slow rebound sponge feel is very comfortable, knead up the feeling of like to knead the dough, almost slow rebound or feeling a little hair Xuan, or some rigid. At the same time, this kind of high-grade slow rebound and good temperature induction, may change from the rise of temperature is more soft, when the body contact with memory foam material, as the temperature, the pillow will be more soft, better packages and helps support the body, Life < / P> < P> < / P> < P> high-grade slow springback using 5 years not deformation, cutting process manufacturing or quality almost, but usually only use 1 - - - - - - - 2 years of time. < / P>
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