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HeJian insulation is the main purpose of nail

by:MPS     2020-10-10

external wall thermal insulation nails are mainly nylon sleeve, galvanized steel screws and nylon compass, and galvanized steel screw can be processed according to user needs to choose different length.

the purpose of the heat preservation nail is used in some decoration construction, compared to other nails has the effect of heat preservation, when using can and thermal insulation wall materials to achieve better coordination, so as to achieve better use effect, can make the effect of heat preservation, not because of the nails and influenced by some, etc.

the greatest purpose of heat preservation nail is used for decoration, etc. , of course, not only because of the heat preservation effect and recognized by everybody, moreover is the nails, use rise very convenient, installation simple and reliable, can save a lot of trouble for us.

after heat preservation nail factory technical personnel development and processing of external wall insulation nail products its anti-aging properties, in use process has good heat resistance effect, in the process of using the product good tensile performance is also very good, in use process of the product is also very convenient installation, do not need to use special installation tool.

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