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Hebei yi fire insulation materials for high-rise building limit

by:MPS     2020-08-08
< P> since January 1, 2011, a group of energy saving, fire prevention, advantages such as saving material, ageing resistance, health, environmental protection for the construction of the engineering material equipment will be widely in the field of construction in hebei province to promote; At the same time, a batch of equipment for waste of land resources in the use of materials, easy to fire, production energy consumption, large harm to workers health in the process of construction, production and construction process of environmental pollution and save water, safety, high can consume a variety of reasons, use is limited or eliminated. < / P> < P> recently, our province issued 'hebei construction engineering material equipment promotion restrictions on the use and elimination catalogue ( The 2010 edition) 》。 Reporter noted that directory, whether promotion, or restrict the use of or eliminate product, its reason is around in the process of construction, more, and buildings in the process of using energy-saving and land-saving, material saving, environmental protection, safety, health and other factors. < / P> < P> in civil building exterior insulation materials, for example, the directory is popularized in cladding, insulation, decoration integration promotion reason is energy saving, fire prevention, adornment layer is firm, construction is simple; Article rock wool fire prevention board, also can improve the ability of organic thermal insulation system of fire prevention, prevent fire spreading external thermal insulation system is applied in civil building fire belt and temporary residential building. < / P> < P> and extruded polystyrene insulation board, molded polystyrene insulation board, such as building insulation materials for combustion performance reach A level, can be A fire accident, will restrict the use of A height of 100 meters or more residential buildings, A height of 50 meters or more public and curtain wall structure construction of external thermal insulation engineering. < / P> < P> again, for example, in the elimination catalogue, 6 liters toilet ( Excluding 6 liters) Because don't save water, has been designed to stop use; Building secondary water supply high cement tank, remove rust paint ordinary steel water tank, due to the rough surface water pollution, easy to rust, will cease to use design. < / P> < P> according to living building provincial authorities, the directory is through solicit opinions from all sectors of society, and determined by the expert argumentation. The move will further improve the level of the application of energy conservation and environmental protection in our province engineering materials equipment, restrictions, backward products and technologies, promote industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading. < / P> < P> in the catalog of 2010 including 146 kinds of products. Among them, promote the use of 46 species, restrict the use of 31 species, 69 kinds of elimination. Living building provincial requirements, to promote the use of products, building design and construction units should be preferable; To limit the use of the products, architectural design and construction units to strictly control, within the prescribed limits, shall not choose; To eliminate product, building design and construction unit selection is prohibited. < / P> < P> in accordance with the requirements, the new restrictions on the use of the product listed in the catalog, since January 1, 2011; Out products since January 1, 2011 to stop in the province construction engineering design, on March 1, 2011 in the provincial construction engineering. < / P> < P> according to introducing, before printing the directory has been designed to be used, and will be in after the implementation date for construction project belongs to the catalog of the 2010 edition of restrictions on the use and eliminate product, by the construction unit responsible for negotiating the modified design with the design and construction units. < / P> < P> since January 1, 2011, still compasses is chosen in the catalog of 2010 edition limit or eliminate product design units and construction units, the department concerned shall be ordered to make corrections to and informed criticism; Still compasses to supply construction limit or eliminate products production enterprise, the provincial housing and construction will be published. < / P>
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