Heat preservation nail with heat preservation and fixed function at the same time

by:MPS     2020-08-25

thermal insulation engineering used in heat preservation nail why can be reused? This is mainly because it has two functions, heat preservation and manufacturers to introduce you to the two functions.

most heat preservation nail is aluminous material for the production of raw materials, aluminum low coefficient of thermal conductivity is a well known things, so made of aluminum screws used in the wall or on the roof, not conduct heat easily, so you can prevent the indoor and outdoor air circulation, so as to achieve the effect of heat insulation, heat preservation in winter, summer that is a reflection of its heat preservation function, also it is one of the reasons for reuse.

fixed function is another excellent properties of heat preservation nail. Heat preservation engineering in general need to use both fixed mortar or dedicated binder with screws, so that we can have the effect of double fixed, prevent heat preservation plate or blanket fell off, ensure the quality of thermal insulation engineering. Also has the thermal insulation and heat preservation nail fixed function, you absolutely worth it. Manufacturer's website synchronous direct selling, welcome friends to come to the choose and buy!

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