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Heat preservation nail what aspects need to pay attention to in the construction

by:MPS     2020-08-23

used for building exterior wall thermal insulation system of all kinds of insulation materials, have many aspects need to pay attention to in the construction, which is small in size but the effect is not the small heat preservation nail products have many aspects need to pay attention to.

before construction, construction units need to be determined according to the construction area, the use of the heat preservation nail number. In this regard, construction units need to carefully read the drawings, and determine the choice of the types of nails, because of different kinds, nail use quantity is not the same. Said to the kinds of problems, we are here to remind you that some nails and prone to fracture in winter, so choose correctly species also should pay attention to.

in the process of construction, the construction unit must note that the security of the site, such as heat preservation nail collectively placed in a box, lest placed everywhere lead to product quantity is not easy to determine. Although the use of the nail is known to all, but should pay attention to the correct use of construction workers, ensure the engineering quality. And the construction safety of workers is also should pay attention to.

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