Heat preservation nail use problem

by:MPS     2020-08-26

heat preservation nail product is designed for fixed insulation board production, believe about heat preservation nail is user more care about you! Don't try so hard, now our factory is the use of simple explain it for you, hope these are helpful for you.

environment on the influence of heat preservation nail is very big. For special insulation nails, if use environment is wet, then we will to do it well in advance of the corresponding measures, such as anticorrosive measures, moisture-proof measures. General manufacturer at the time of introduce special nail insulation performance, will highlight it moistureproof ability, is a certain degree of humidity is not too big problem for it, but if long time placing it in a humid environment, so it is also unable to.

by observing the heat preservation nail shape we can see that is has a variety of their type, some look very fine is very long, like this special nail used shall be appropriate to reduce some on strength, because if too much is likely to make the bent nails.

the material used is the key to the right, if not suitable will not only waste materials, also will delay the construction period, such losses will be bigger.

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