Heat preservation nail to life brought the convenience

by:MPS     2020-10-27

in the use of thermal insulation nails, nail insulation brought a lot of convenience to our life, at the same time heat preservation nail to also have a lot of advantages, let's together learn about heat preservation nail brought the convenience to our life?

1, the heat preservation nail application range: all you need to install a fixed heat preservation, can be used.

2, heat preservation nail shape restrictions: free on any shape of the ventilation pipe welding, can guarantee the quality of construction, especially in a circular duct construction, more can reflect the incomparable superiority.

3, heat preservation nail save material: can be used coil, which save the heat preservation cotton, but also reduce the juncture, saving construction cost and improve the quality of heat insulation.

4, to save time: the welding machine can weld up to 40 per minute insulation nails, and is a heat preservation cotton shop while welding is fixed, does not need to wait for heat preservation nail solidification time.

5, safe and simple construction: thanks to the shop while fixed the construction method of one-time installation is complete, so reduce the workers work high time and frequency, makes the construction more safe, more quickly.

6, reduce process: because of welding thermal insulation nails, so the ventilation pipe surface cleanliness requirements is not high, especially in the construction of the local environment is bad, this technology can prevent heat preservation nail loss.

there is a difference between the thickness of heat preservation nail, usually to use more thick nails? Compared with the heat preservation nail white blue plastic leather material proved to be more common, but on the use effect is much better. Generally the price of the nail is determined according to the specifications and the thickness. The coarse material is nail, prices generally will be high. The same material and thickness of different specifications of the nails, the price also is different.

people in for building exterior wall thermal insulation, inevitably will use insulation materials, heat preservation nail as fixed material is indispensable. It is a kind of heat-resistant hardy material, which make it on the outside wall heat preservation and thermal insulation material ', and ', not because their own problems appear fall off wait for a phenomenon. In addition, there is heat preservation nail corrosion resistance, the characteristics of such features can effectively cope with natural bad weather, the impedance of the acid rain erosion, etc.

heat preservation nail has the characteristics of heat-resistant hardy corrosion

heat preservation nail to keep its own position, should do first is to enhance their capabilities. Now heat preservation nail has the characteristics of heat-resistant hardy corrosion resistance, we should strengthen the advantage on select material, at the same time as far as possible to develop other advantages. In addition, the appearance, we also want to nail a bold reform.

in shape, the traditional heat preservation nail is rectangular, we can according to the different design of using the environment of other shape nail, of course, this to guarantee performance under the condition of the nail. On color, metallic nails in the majority, but the color of the nail to a certain extent, more can meet the demand of the market, and the appearance of the paint can better prevent the oxidation of the nail.

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