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Heat preservation nail production process matters needing attention

by:MPS     2020-08-26

the temperature suddenly dropped to let people realize that autumn is in the past, the winter will soon be coming. This time, the heat preservation nail is a hot market, nail fixed sales in full swing, but the manufacturer should also pay attention to the safety problems in the process of production.

heat preservation nail production materials are mostly aluminum metal, and the volume of a nail is small, the edge of some certain anchorages is thin, so the workers in the process of production must pay attention to personal safety. Wearing a sweater in production or rubber gloves, prevent unarmed contact the anchoring piece from scratch. If need to use the various tools in the production, workers in addition to pay attention to the use security tool, also must pay attention to the tools do not leave scratches on the surface of the anchoring piece, this will affect the effect of thermal insulation construction.

all kinds of insulation construction need insulation nails, the difference of environment create specification, type, shape, such as different insulation anchor pieces, so more attention should be paid to in the process of production in accordance with the requirements of the order or design drawing production anchor pieces, lest produce products don't meet requirement, waste material.

my company provides all kinds of insulation for friends anchorage parts and other products, welcome to the factory consultation of choose and buy.

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