Heat preservation nail on any shape of the ventilation pipe welding, can guarantee the construction quality

by:MPS     2020-10-19

how to detect whether the outer wall heat preservation nail qualified

you known, the outer wall heat preservation nail has become one of the indispensable to exterior wall thermal insulation building materials, especially a building skyscrapers cap band, when the purchase insulation nails, general construction of exterior wall thermal insulation engineering in the use of exterior wall thermal insulation nails to the time of this product, would be confirmed after testing qualified to provide quality products to party b. What? They do check what performance indicators generally need to test? Today heat preservation nail factory professional and technical personnel for your detailed answers:

one of the most main is testing, product drawing, just after qualification. Therefore, the problem comes. Outer wall heat preservation nail test, what kind of best?

2 and, of course, is the national standard of the quality of the best. But this product cost is too high, many provided to site just take this kind of product quality supervision to do testing, with slightly after almost products for construction.

three, on the other hand, if you want to detect drawing, our factory give you a little advice. Site do drawing, main is testing nails will be drawn from the expansion bolt, at this time than nails roughness is less than 3. 8 mm is fully qualified!

four, so, sometimes as long as the outer wall heat preservation nail nails used by roughness to 3. More than 8 mm or, if there is no problem when doing the test.

cold storage with the benefits of expansion heat preservation nail

known, cold storage is mainly used as food, dairy, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruit, cold drinks, such as constant temperature storage. Together is a kind of low temperature air conditioning equipment, cold storage, A cold storage) Also is a kind of refrigeration equipment compared with the refrigerator, the refrigeration area is much larger, but their refrigeration principle is the same. Here we want to ask, cold storage and thermal insulation nails touch what? In this HeJian heat preservation nail factory professional and technical personnel for your detailed answers:

we all know that the cold storage due to heat insulation or sealed performance is poor, cause the cold energy loss is big, poor heat insulation performance is due to the pipeline, such as the warehouse heat insulation wall insulation layer thickness is not enough, heat insulation and heat preservation effect is bad, it is mainly the design when choosing improper or construction of insulation layer thickness of heat preservation material as a result of poor quality.

expansion insulation nails used in the construction process, the heat preservation material of the insulation moistureproof performance is likely to be damage to insulation layer be affected with damp be affected with damp, deformation, erosion, and even the loss of heat insulation, cold storage and cold quantity loss increase, library temperature slowed down significantly. Lead to loss of cold sealing performance is poor, another important reason is the warehouse more hot air from the air leakage into warehouse.

cold storage expansion heat preservation nail effective to eliminate the occurrence of the phenomenon, is one of the first parts of cold storage

heat preservation nail on any shape of the ventilation pipe welding, can guarantee the quality of construction, especially in a circular duct construction, more can reflect the incomparable superiority. Can use coil, which saves the insulation cotton, but also reduce the juncture, saving construction cost and improve the quality of heat insulation. Welding machine can weld up to 40 per minute nails, and pavement heat preservation cotton while welding is fixed, does not need to wait for heat preservation nail solidification time. Thanks to the shop while fixed the construction method of one-time installation is complete, so reduce the workers work high time and frequency, makes the construction more safe, more quickly.

HeJian insulation are a professional manufacturer of thermal insulation nails, nail manufacturer not only heat preservation nail complete varieties and the price is very reasonable, the general manager and all staff sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

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