Heat preservation nail manufacturers talk about hollow brick is special heat preservation nail

by:MPS     2020-11-01

hollow brick is special heat preservation nail also called back to the screw type nylon insulation anchor, when the product is made of super tough nylon level after antirust processing of high strength steel, it is unique in the tail without back twist heaving anchor structure, so is very strong, in terms of a fixed anchorage can tightly in a variety of materials, especially the heart brick anchorage, for steel wire rack insulation board fixed is also very convenient.

this type of hollow brick is special heat preservation nail USES is very wide also, if you want to for building insulation system or building wind tunnel will need to use the knot type thermal insulation nails; When building going on outside, node location construction is often needed knot type thermal insulation nails; In addition, when the outer wall heat preservation material is extruded polystyrene, or tie can also be used in the hollow wall type heat preservation nail.

energy conservation and emissions reduction in today's society has become a new topic, and in the heat preservation nail industry also began to main indicators, energy conservation and emissions reduction in the construction industry, and we should also promote the technology development of thermal insulation nails, improve building thermal insulation level, and improve the product structure, improve product performance as soon as possible, to vigorously promote the development of construction projects.

under the guidance of the new age, our construction industry will continue to a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly, and explore a new road of industrialization. And with the widespread of the implementation of the energy-saving building, we are now building materials have been adapted to the situation of energy conservation and environmental protection, has become a hot commodity on the market, is also a kind of very practical expansion nail.

but with the development of era and society today, on a global scale are in high demand for thermal insulation material, which makes heat preservation nail urging appeared in the field of building strong growth momentum. And heat preservation nail as a kind of new type thermal insulation material has gained great development space, is widely used in civilian residential and commercial housing.

we as specializing in production of heat preservation nail manufacturers, have experience in heat preservation nail products such as production, will also work toward the direction of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

our factory specializing in the production of various specifications, models of thermal insulation products, common specifications have 8 x 90 x 110 x 140, 10 * 180, 160, but also can provide to sample customization, welcome a friend in need in order to the factory directly.

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