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Heat preservation nail manufacturers popularization duct insulation and equipment construction of common sense

by:MPS     2020-08-30

the summer is over and the weather is getting cooler, prescient duct insulation construction and equipment manufacturer for heat preservation nail manufacturers is to tell you how to smoothly insulation construction work.

before for thermal insulation for pipe and equipment, many clients have chosen to anticorrosion work, such not only can ensure the service life of the pipe and equipment, also is advantageous to the heat insulation work smoothly, so before the heat preservation, workers to scrub clean appearance on the surface of the dust, oil, lest affect insulation construction work. Some duct and equipment have leakage air volume, leakage and vacuum degree requirements, workers must carry on the test certification before construction, determine the qualified after insulation to start construction.

heat preservation nail manufacturer to remind you that there are all kinds of reserved duct on measuring hole, prior out of construction, and assemble the sounding hole parts. Insulation construction after the completion of the air valve operating test, to ensure its operation is convenient, but also mark clear and clear air valve opening and closing. For some easy to produce the part of the condensate, such as fan coil, induction machine, air conditioner, water pipe and air pipe junction on, make sure it does not leak.

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