Heat preservation nail it to the wall on the engineering plastics in inflation

by:MPS     2020-07-08

in our construction industry cannot leave now is exterior wall insulation, it can have very good heat preservation and heat insulation effect, but the bar is the necessary material in our building insulation system, is also inseparable from the building insulation construction, so we know how much for external wall insulation nails? Then there are external wall insulation nail manufacturers do detailed introduction for us. Exterior wall stability of benzene, first of all, it is suitable for heat preservation plate fixed in the exterior wall insulation system. Tend to use in our building insulation are in our house in decorating the thermal insulation layer of the application is very extensive, it has anti-aging anticorrosive to cold heat, etc. Exterior wall thermal insulation system of exterior wall thermal insulation is necessary to the existence of anchors, heat preservation nail it with exterior wall thermal insulation in the network is necessary to use a kind of architecture. Heat preservation nail it to the wall on the engineering plastics, although its effect is very big, but its structure is very simple, it is mainly made of nylon and galvanized steel screws and casing pipe in front of the nylon disc. It is based on the length of the reinforcement of thickness of the insulation board. When installation according to the bearing weight for installation, cannot appear carrying too much, and the status of the anchor bolt is too small, the heat preservation according to the bearing capacity and decided to use what kind of anchor reinforcement. Different ways of strengthening the installation is different also, please according to the different type and size of the specific installation. Above is our external wall heat preservation nail manufacturers, you know about our products are more and more, the outer wall heat preservation nail in our play a role in the construction industry is very obvious, its dimension stability performance is also very good. Under the condition of temperature changes, also won't happen the situation of the deformation. So you can rest assured the choose and buy.

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