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Heat preservation nail is used for fixation of exterior wall thermal insulation material

by:MPS     2020-10-24

heat preservation nail is mainly used for fixation of exterior wall thermal insulation material, widely used in construction. When its varied specifications, choose according to the thickness of the insulation layer as the basis. It can anti-aging, protect thermal insulation building materials for a long time to serve you. The characteristics of simple installation, which occupy a larger market.

bar has good anti-aging, temperature shock resistance, anti-corrosion, connotation of heat-resisting, high bearing capacity, high pressure, tensile performance is good, not easy to deformation after loading, moisture, shock, good insulation performance, etc. Easy and convenient to install, does not require any special installation tool, durable, energy saving. According to the wall material and anchorage exterior wall materials by different roughly divided into solid wall insulation nails, hollow brick is special heat preservation nail, wire mesh is special heat preservation nail and equipped mould.

when heat preservation nail of choose and buy the cost-effective heat preservation nail is important

the shoddy construction of now very much, and now for such a phenomenon is the anchor reinforcement of the heat preservation material also is to have cultured very much.

the special heat preservation nail manufacturer production this kind of exterior wall thermal insulation of anchor reinforcement is very popular with the consumer, the heat preservation nail nail factory mainly produces products have heat preservation, external wall insulation nails, nail geothermal CARDS, etc. The quality is very good, learn more industry information login web site, https://www. 国会议员, insulationpins。 Com/welcome your calls negotiate

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