Heat preservation nail is small in size

by:MPS     2020-08-25

in the building wall insulation construction works, remove the insulation sheet and roll mat attract people's attention, the volume of small insulation nails also is the material we should not be ignored, its role is very big.

although we used in the project of the heat preservation heat preservation nail small size, a square also want to use multiple nails, but its role is not small. First of all, it is a fixed components. Screws as dedicated binder, as we all know, the pros and cons of thermal insulation engineering quality and the heat preservation plate fixed has the very big relations, so using high quality nail can ensure good fixed between plate and metope, thermal insulation engineering quality is guaranteed.

as the name implies, another role is insulation heat preservation nail. Common heat preservation nail fixed on the market at present have two kinds of aluminum and plastic, in either, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of nails are relatively low, the conduction of heat also is relatively slow, is relatively small, relatively, its heat preservation and heat insulation performance is also good, heat preservation engineering quality is assured. Therefore, the heat preservation nail is a product of small size, large role.

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