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Heat preservation nail is small but it has very big effect

by:MPS     2020-08-25

in the building's exterior wall insulation system, we can often see all kinds of insulation board, insulation pipe fittings such as large volume, big one is material, you don't know is that in the construction site and a volume is not large, had very strong material & ndash; — Insulation nails, its role is to be reckoned with, and how does it work?

heat preservation nail is an anchor, or a fixed role of accessories, its volume is not large, but a big role. Lot of exterior wall thermal insulation material if just rely on glue is hard to firmly stick on buildings, use the heat preservation nail is to add a layer of protection, it is for any construction unit a good choice. And its price is very affordable, will not cause the engineering budget too much of a burden, that is why it is popular. In addition, the heat preservation nail unlike ordinary nails, easy to rust corrosion in the external environment, such as the corrosion resistance of this product is very good, but also can heat preservation, if a certain processing, can also prevent rust, role is very big.

listened to the introduction of our factory, are you understanding of insulation nails have a new? Remember to come to our factory when buying.

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