Heat preservation nail is how to construction?

by:MPS     2020-10-23

heat preservation nail besides general nails fixed function but also has other advantages. It is a kind of can according to the hot and cold automatic contraction and expansion of a nail. We all know that exterior wall insulation board will be more or less influenced by temperature, in order to survive the heat in the summer and winter cold, heat preservation nail have to respond in a timely manner to adjust to changes in the insulation board. In this way can we guarantee the insulation board can be more stable.

in the keel construction after the need to prepare for external thermal insulation wall body, mainly by the wall structure layer, thermal insulation layer, act the role of the surface layer of three parts, the key technology is the connecting way of thermal insulation layer and structure layer, also is the construction of heat preservation nail. Heat preservation nail

the first thing to do is positioning, need after insulation board on the wall, and determine the anchoring point position, then can through the insulation board are in place, according to the regulation of borehole size; After drilling the hole, we can heat preservation nail rod in chafing dish, the heat preservation nail four ribs from the mesh plate; And implant and type of process, need to nail nail tube directly inserted into the drilled hole and will form a complete set of plastic nail nail with a hammer to knock into the tube.

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