Heat preservation nail is a kind of anchor reinforcement on the building wall

by:MPS     2020-10-24

building energy-saving materials is a kind of material to reduce building energy consumption, mainly include: the installation of the hollow model steel window of energy-saving of the coated glass, uv protection, isolation from the outside noise, maintain indoor quantity of heat; External wall insulation system materials, used to reduce building energy consumption and to eliminate heat island effect; Indoor wall brick cover environmental protection material, which is used to avoid pollution, reduce indoor refrigeration, heating energy loss. Buildings with insulation nails, can achieve the result of 'warm in winter and cool in summer', both energy-saving and comfortable.

heat preservation nail is mainly in the field of thermal insulation materials and building wall body between a anchor reinforcement, it can guarantee off the heat preservation plate won't happen, will also be able to guarantee in the wall reinforcement work have very good measures, and heat preservation nail is mainly composed of galvanized screws and nylon tube rise. The insulation heat preservation nail in the house is widely used.

heat preservation nail is consists of three some: one is by nylon two casing; Galvanized steel screw casing; 3 it is nylon sleeve front coil ( Gland insulation board) And has anti-aging, temperature impact, corrosion resistance, cold and hot; Can carry large, high pressure, good tensile functions; After loading is not easy to deformation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion insulation properties, vibration, noise absorption, easy to installation. Heat preservation nail is a kind of special engineering plastics insulating plate fixed to the swell pinned to the wall.

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