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Heat preservation nail industry

by:MPS     2020-08-28

now the domestic each big provinces and cities have released a new construction engineering standards, and for heat preservation nail standardization production, construction and acceptance process, also has made the technical specification, follow below small make up together to the heat preservation nail industry management level to understand!

insulation system usually adopt sticky when construction of anchor, and using heat preservation nail fixed engineering of high efficiency, fast construction speed. But experienced within the external wall thermal insulation heat preservation nail products, sandwich insulation as well as the development of external wall thermal insulation, is currently in enterprise technical renovation and upgrade management stage.

at this stage we heat preservation nail manufacturers craft equipment level has obvious progress, can say has reached the international advanced level, our enterprise's management level was improved at the same time, not only ensure the specification for employees, and strengthened the ex-factory products inspection mechanism, make produce heat preservation nail product performance more superior.

we firmly believe that the quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, therefore can only win the market, guarantee the quality of thermal insulation nails, and get good reputation.

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a: change in the season, nail insulation performance does not become the next article: market demand is big, heat preservation nail manufacturers to

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