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Heat preservation nail HeJian fortune, focus on production

by:MPS     2020-11-17

as building exterior wall thermal insulation material of anchorage, the heat preservation nail though volume is small, but its role is very big. As a factory specializing in production of thermal insulation nails, we have been very focused.

in 2008, with China's athletes at the Beijing Olympics, our factory was formally established. Since at the beginning of the establishment, we advocate & other; The customer is supreme, service with a smile & throughout; Purposes, and strive to make every customer satisfied. Our company has a number of science and technology research and development personnel, they always study hard, only to produce more high quality heat preservation nail. Our factory workers are trained to mount guard, it not only ensures their professional skills, more to ensure their belief with factory for the home, the idea of gastrointestinal contribution. Factory to development, the technology can't be lack. My factory invested heavily to introduce international advanced production technology, first-class production line to ensure the steady quality and production efficiency. In cooperation with the customer, use our advantages gained consistent high praise.

for the production of thermal insulation nails, we only can assure the quality, this is our promise, is our goal.

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