Heat preservation nail has the nature of moisture-proof and insulation

by:MPS     2020-10-26

heat preservation nail is used in decorating a process will now a firmware. Many people may not have heard of, what is the insulation nails, we will be at what time, what place use insulation nails, if you read the article below you will find that heat preservation nail in daily life is indispensable.

the development of science and technology in our country, in the industrial chain of firmware. Like heat preservation nail or nylon expansion bolt is a product of modern science. Insulation nails, such as the firmware of the market share is more and more big, home decoration or in the future will be extensively used in industrial design. Take indoor decoration, in my home a lot of modern family is decorated in extensive use of the nails, because it has the superiority of traditional pins or nails can't than, and to a large extent to avoid their disadvantages, so the market share is more and more big.

in many southern areas we will reduce the insulation heat preservation nail called anchor bolt. As the name suggests, the heat preservation nail in daily life has a very low corrosion resistance, can largely improve the service life of the nails, can be used in all sorts of changing temperature, due to the use time is too long not deformation, fracture and can withstand greater pressure.

heat preservation nail can use, before much local of water mist can be used in the place where often must carry on the friction and can be used on the outside of the need to be airtight space, can be used to prevent electric shock, all of these can be attributed to heat preservation nail born to prevent damp and insulating properties.

the adoption of set of takeover and heat preservation nail soft nylon material socket and so has the very high impermeability, to prevent noise and sound insulation effect of the family using the superiority of the Great Wall.

literally picked up a bar we can see the general part of a casing, a piece of the nylon material of cushion, a surface coated to prevent the insulation of the conductive metal zinc steel screws. Although seemingly very simple combination, but as you know it's practical and popularity are to be reckoned with.

heat preservation nail at the time of installation we only need to be three steps can be like using ordinary ordinary nails used heat preservation nail.

the first step, before using the three original ready;

step 2, turn galvanized steel nails or directly inserted into the prepared plastic pipe;

the third step, the nylon pads card to the corresponding place. Heat preservation nail operation is very simple, you just need to grope for the use of learn quickly.

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