Heat preservation nail factory introduction duct insulation methods and operating procedures

by:MPS     2020-08-29

for hvac duct insulation, can effectively prolong the service life and increase efficiency. Average household is used for thermal insulation which methods? Take you know about the heat preservation nail manufacturer.

the air duct insulation, there are two kinds of commonly used method, the first is a paste method. This method is simple, is to polystyrene foamed plastic board or polyurethane foam plastic board and paste outside the duct wall directly, and then bandage spun glass cloth, cloth brush harmonic lacquer or fire coatings or package of plastic. Paste insulation board to ensure that the seams, paste it with tape, insulation board cut and neat.

the second approach is to nail sticking method, which is now often use heat preservation method. Heat preservation nail stick outside the duct wall first, then on air duct insulation board press, show spikes. This process, the heat preservation nail requirements in rectangular duct spacing is 200 mm, attached to the lower side is 300 mm, top surface is 300 - It is advisable to 400. Insulation board to ensure tight joints neatly, flat plate and tube wall compaction pressure, there can be no gap. Nail penetrating plank after good set of gaskets, the nail tip down flat. Note: when the glue nail best stagger 1/2 in each row spacing, preventing insulation and duct don't paste, reduce the effect of heat/cold. Subsidies on even after the heat preservation board joints of aluminum foil tape.

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