Heat preservation nail enterprise development direction

by:MPS     2020-08-27

of exterior wall thermal insulation industry at present, China's development is very rapid, and according to industry experts predict that nail insulation heat preservation industry such as the development prospect is very considerable, and we don't have a heat preservation nail manufacturers doing nothing, only innovation can success, will do big industry, and gradually moves towards the internationalization, make contributions to national economic development.

even if the insulation on the domestic industry standard is not very perfect, but the industry developing fast, is one of the important link that nots allow to ignore. Of exterior wall thermal insulation dedicated and heat preservation nail is arguably the anchorage parts, mainly composed of galvanized screws, nylon pipe and fixing of wafer, depending on the thickness of the insulation layer can be divided into a variety of specifications.

we believe that heat preservation nail manufacturers, excellent heat preservation nail product should need to have good anti-corrosion performance, high compressive and tensile properties. Used in the actual production and the product is not to play the role of a fixed insulation board, to a certain extent, the product can also play a sound absorption performance. And as a specialized in heat preservation nail business for many years, we will have been continuous efforts, continuous innovation, to expand the market, with high quality products to build brand, and constantly tracking the market changes, will update, better products to provide to the user, benefit for consumers.

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