Heat preservation nail enterprise competitiveness

by:MPS     2020-08-27

in order to implement building energy efficiency requirements across the country, we heat preservation nail enterprise also began to gradually realize the situation, and began to gradually enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise itself. And the ministry of construction that improve envelope thermal performance is one of the important measures to building energy efficiency, thus the heat preservation as the key development of building energy conservation project.

the ministry of construction thought, once using the exterior insulation system can realize the energy saving of nearly 501%, and class A fire prevention requirements. And we must also recognize that save energy consumption of heating, air conditioning and so on is beneficial to our country economic society sustainable development. And energy-efficient building belongs to the early stage, so give many industry provides the opportunity of the development of heat preservation nail industry is.

now heat preservation nail production heat preservation nail product technology content high, belong to the state industrial policy recommended products, excellent performance, low production cost, has a very strong market competitiveness. So we heat preservation nail enterprises need to collaborate, efforts to strengthen their own competitiveness in the global market place.

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