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Heat preservation nail common sense

by:MPS     2020-09-01

when making heat preservation nail production often need to know a lot of small common sense, such as heat preservation nail alias, exterior wall anchoring bolt number, air conditioning general welding dosage per square meter, ship welding cracking conditions, will follow below small make up to carefully understand together!

the first plastic heat preservation nail is also called the exterior wall anchoring bolt, exterior expansion nail, plastic expansion bolt, etc. , including low carbon type thermal insulation is also what we call electricity hook screw. When in use, exterior wall anchoring bolt, the square meters 6 - may be used Eight nails, 10 layer upwards, considering the factors of wind pressure and increased to 10 - 12 bar;

and talked about the cause of the exterior wall anchoring bolt can be pulled out, mainly because of the diameter of the hole is bigger, nails carefully, anchor bolt length is insufficient as a result of anchoring depth, low grade cement or nails and rose does not match, nails too short, which requires our preparation work before construction and inspection work;

again to be the ship welding cracking easily mainly because of its softness is not enough, this needs in a fixed time don't let touch pin the tail stress distribution of rock wool is too big, can also be fixed directly with cap rock wool directly, without bending process.

in addition, we also can provide other aspects of advice, if you have questions, may at any time call the us a detailed understanding.

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