Heat preservation nail collocation USES more than fixed can also heat preservation binder

by:MPS     2020-10-31

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in thermal insulation engineering, not only is the thermal insulation material is the key of the engineering construction, the firmware components are also important. Speaking of which, it is necessary to introduce our heat preservation engineering 'masters' - — Insulation nails and special adhesive.

special binder paste is solid, its role and we usually use the glue has the same effect. In thermal insulation engineering, eliminate the use of outside heat preservation nail, special adhesive is also essential. Construction, special adhesive to reconcile into suitable for construction of the state, then daub is on the surface heat preservation material, and then paste in the place such as metope, can be more firmly fixed good insulation materials.

thermal insulation engineering, with special adhesive is used insulation nails, its role beyond the fixed, can also warm. Whether plastic or aluminum, heat preservation nail has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, it has established its heat preservation effect, also it can the main reason for the popularity in thermal engineering. In addition, the heat preservation nail fixed price is low, will not improve overall thermal insulation engineering cost, and more cost-effective to use.

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