Heat preservation nail can be used in damp environment

by:MPS     2020-08-27

many occasions of buildings need to install the rock wool board insulation board, such as this kind of heat preservation engineering also needs to be fixed on the insulation nails. So, damp environment can be used in heat preservation nail?

as the established heat preservation nail manufacturers, we can tell you responsibly that damp environment can also be used in heat preservation nail. I company produces the heat preservation nail with aluminum and plastic, plastic heat preservation nail, needless to say, no impact on the performance of screws, such as water vapor it will not rust in humid environment, can be at ease use.

many friends who don't understand the heat preservation nail aluminum heat preservation nail is very confused, think that aluminium is a metal, used in damp environment will be prone to rust, and so on and so forth. Actually otherwise, although aluminium is a metal, but its surface has a layer of dense oxide film, this layer of oxide film can effectively protect the internal aluminum, aluminum does not rust or corrode, even if long time used in damp environment also need not worry, you can rest assured use.

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