Heat preservation nail bring convenience

by:MPS     2020-08-29

of exterior wall thermal insulation system for a building construction is very important, is an important standard of architecture to the relevant departments qualified audit. If it is not qualified to have influence on the project after. People pay more and more attention to external wall thermal insulation system, it is an important guarantee for safety and health of people. In the construction in the use of the material can't careless, when choosing rock wool board and heat preservation nail if all quality guaranteed, can through the audit. External wall thermal insulation for the fixed part of the heat preservation nail is not negligible, it can be of great help to the person.

heat preservation nail besides general nails fixed function but also has many advantages. It can be done seventy-two changes, it is a kind of can according to the hot and cold automatic contraction and expansion of a nail. We all know that exterior wall insulation board will be more or less influenced by temperature, in order to survive the heat in the summer and winter cold, heat preservation nail have to respond in a timely manner to adjust to changes in the insulation board. In this way can we guarantee the insulation board can be more stable.

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