Heat preservation nail application is introduced in the field of various industries

by:MPS     2020-10-12

heat preservation nail is the anchoring of building external wall thermal insulation is special, it is made of galvanized screws, nylon tube rises and the fixation of wafer. Depending on the insulation layer thickness, we can choose different specifications of the heat preservation nail.

bar for application in the field of various industries is introduced:

1. Expansion bolt, expansion bolt is also called plastic insulation nails, it is divided into two types, and connected, fission conjoined iron nails and plastic core and core of two kinds. Mainly used as exterior wall thermal insulation, is a kind of fixed insulation board and wall body with fasteners.

2。 Duct insulation nails: duct insulation nails is to put the rock wool fixed a fasteners on the air conditioning and ventilation pipe, according to the qualitative distinction and is divided into three types: aluminum alloy heat preservation, air conditioning welding screw, plastic glue nail.

3。 Plant to hook nail: hook nail is to put the rock wool and barbed wire on the power plant boiler with a fastener. The material is low carbon steel wire and galvanized sheet.

4。 Refrigerator with heat preservation, cold storage with thermal insulation is usually plastic core material. Plastic core relative to the iron core is less easy to corrosion and oxidation.

5。 Ship piping insulation nails: ship welding, also known as insulation touch nails, is mainly used to fix the ship piping and rock wool a fastener.

6。 Oil pipeline heat preservation nail: oil pipeline insulation insulation nails, also known as touch nails, is mainly used for oil pipeline and rock wool a fastener.

7。 Casting pieces of insulation nails: often used when casting in some large oil refinery and chemical plant of fasteners, according to the shape to distinguish the Y, Z, Ω shape and side TAB bar.

8。 Welded wire mesh with insulation nails: fixed wall and welded wire mesh is mainly used for a fastener. And is divided into aluminum insulation nails and bolt two mosquito coil incense.

exterior insulation system anchor installation quantity: 1 - usually 10 layer average 6 / ㎡, 11 - Average 20 layer 7 / square meters, 21 - 26 layer 9 / ㎡. Any area is greater than zero. 1 ㎡ monolithic pull must add the anchoring piece, the number depending on the shape and site condition; In Yang Angle, under the eaves, around the edge of the hole, should be increasing the density of the anchorage parts, its distance is not more than 300 ㎜, is apart from the edge at the grass-roots level is not less than 60 mm.

heat preservation nail has anti-aging, fusion temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, cold heat; High bearing capacity, high pressure, good tensile performance; After loading is not easy to deformation, moisture, shock, absorb noise and sound insulation, etc. Easy installation, hammer, don't need special installation tool. Most importantly, application of thermal insulation nails in winter without cold bridge phenomenon occurs, so the heat preservation nail fixed is indispensable in building decoration materials!

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