Heat preservation material flame retardant test methods

by:MPS     2020-08-22

in heat preservation in the market now, exterior wall thermal insulation material has a lot of, there are mainly three categories: inorganic heat preservation material, organic inorganic composite insulation materials, organic polymer insulation materials. But for the insulation materials used in the market, we do not guarantee each material has good fireproof performance. The thermal insulation performance of heat preservation material, how can we test? The heat preservation nail manufacturers is simple analysis for you.

in fact, the relevant departments to give a few years ago the correct method to test the heat preservation material whether has the flame retardancy. The flame retardancy of the material was tested usually use as a source of ignition such as lighters, relative alcohol burner etc. It is convenient and feasible, but because not rigorous, because of the lighter doesn't matter how heat and flame height will cannot be compared with what the burner, those who do not fire retardant extruded board will soon be lit, once ignited flame will burn more strong trends. And many manufacturers idiomatic plane ignition method of positioning flame retardant material, but this method is relatively very deceptive, we need to be attention.

the above is the test insulation heat preservation nail manufacturers to provide you with some methods of flame retardant insulation material in the market, do you think of help?

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