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German experts refers to 'sustainable' building energy saving, the challenges of globalisation

by:MPS     2020-08-12
In 29 of 2010 China Qingdao international new energy BBS 'building energy saving' project on the BBS, Bavaria, Germany architects association chairman Mr Black plug 'sustainable building energy conservation is a global challenge' of new ideas. < P> Mr Black plug, points out that at present, the building energy consumption is gradually improving, building materials, and sustainable building is few and far between, make human dependence on fossil energy is more and more big, this is not conducive to meet the needs of energy used for a long time, so it is necessary to establish a sustainable building. < / P> < P> Hesse said, in order to meet the needs of future occupants, use of renewable materials, use of solar energy, the use of natural ventilation and thermal energy storage in summer don't need technology, only by countries around the world work together to complete. < / P> < P> Mr Black plug, points out that sustainable buildings is not put every single view, sustainable construction is in as much as possible to reduce energy consumption, increase the space at the same time to that of the whole society harmony, nature, which makes one or a few countries it's hard to do this kind of global harmony. In addition, both in Europe, America and China, the sustainable building energy conservation is very important, a single, fragmentation, regional is not its inherent, only put into globalization the sustainable energy saving buildings, accept the challenge of globalization to match the real meaning of the sustainable architecture. < / P> < P> Hesse, says Mr 'architecture is frozen music', but when the 'movement' to play the building at the end of the life, for human and nature should not be a heap of rubbish, reinforced concrete and should be able to continue into the cycle of nature resources, this is not a one or a few countries can do, sustainable building is a global challenge. < / P>
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